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I know it's hard mama. No matter where you are at in motherhood. Women were built strong for this. So go ahead, treat yourself mama. Begin the creation of the most memorable keepsakes of your motherhood journey. We cannot wait to serve you.

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Through Saturday, 5/21 midnight, EST, we will be including a FREE, stacker band ring to any order of $175+. Go ahead and treat yourself. You won't be disappointed.

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Our very own and special Angel collection is truly one of a kind. Through the creation of a keepsake, we are here to help you hold your loved one forever.

with happy customers and the guidance of god, we have built this shop into a successful business.

Ocean Scene Breastmilk Tumbler

"110% satisfied with both items from TSH! I have tons of breastmilk jewelry but they do not compare to what carries Mama Fuel. I shall return. THANK YOU!" -Tee Jackson

Mom and Me

After a rough journey, this mama decided to treat herself! Here's her review: "I am so inlove with all the sentimental pieces that went into the making of these cups and how wonderfully they turned out. Thank you again so much for the most amazing present you could have ever given me." - Jamie Bradberry

Custom Turned Perfection

"I am OBSESSED with my cup! After being invited to this group and seeing all of the beautiful cups, I knew I had to order one!" - Brittney Fuller

Meet the Owner

Hello, I’m Haley and the owner of The Southern House. I’m a multi-business owning, child chasing mama that pours her heart into her business. Two and a half years ago, I was a single mom with a crafting dream who was struggling to make ends meet. I took a leap of faith with only God knowing where that final destination would land me. Fast forward to now. I am a wife, a girl mama of a sassy six year old and a sweet almost 2 year old, a step mom to a soon to be 10 year old and a hard worker. I am now a proud owner of 2 businesses that have been blessed with more success than I could have ever dreamed of. My favorite place to be is outside at our fire pit, watching our girls play ball, or in the gymnastics gym! EGGHUNT When I had my youngest child 8/31/19, I had the biggest goal of breast feeding her because my oldest I didn’t. God had other plans for our feeding journey though. Preslie was born with severe tongue and lip ties, 0% mouth function and wasn’t able to latch. I developed severe post partum immediately. One of the most precious moments of my life seemed to be the cruelest in my mind. I went on a hard core pumping journey for 3 solid weeks and wasn’t able to keep up. I felt defeated, gave up and purchased my first case of formula. From that day on, I always strived to find a way that I could turn such a disappointing time into a blessing. Little did I know I would end up doing that through my business. I have always loved tumblers and the idea just came to me one day of how could I incorporate breast milk into something someone could use daily. BOOM. This is how the breast milk milk bath tumbler was born! Making something so personable to celebrate other mamas successful breastfeeding journeys has given me such a sense of peace and happiness, more than I could ever explain. I hope when you order, the experience brings you joy and you find it personable to your journey. I am so excited you have chosen my business. Please know, when you order with me, you are supporting small, a family, and a dream. Without your faithful support, we are nothing.