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Pearl FAQ

Please note: 

- Subscriptions provide 2 pearls per subscribed period 

- Stringing kits and professional stringing are PER jewelry piece

- 30 total pearls can fit onto a necklace or bracelet, after that, you will have to complete a custom request. 

- Pearls can be multiple colors, but additional charges may apply. This MUST be specified in the comment section of your order.

- When purchasing in full, the $27.50 to add shimmer or flakes is for your TOTAL piece, not per pearl.

- Every necklace purchased in full comes with up to 3 pearls for the base price. When totaling your pearls for additional to add, please subtract 3 from your total number. For example: You want 24 TOTAL pearls on your necklace. You would list 24 in the TOTAL section of your order and then 21 in the ADDITIONAL pearl drop down menu. This way you are charged correctly! 


Care instructions:

To keep your pearls or jewelry in excellent condition, please refrain from washing in high heat, harsh soaps or chemicals. Keep out of excessive sunlight and high heated areas. Store properly in your jewelry casing. Do not bathe or shower while wearing your pearls.