Design Your Own- Adult

Design Your Own- Adult

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Special notes:

FLOWERS: Please note that greenery is included in all flower options, unless otherwise noted!


  • For all file uploads, PLEASE ONLY upload SVG/PNG files! 
  • SEND ALL DECALS in SVG or PNG! Otherwise, I cannot guarantee the exact image!
  • I will find the closest possible to your submitted image in SVG/PNG form!


  • If you selected to add additional keepsakes to your order, please send them to our address (listed on the Shipping Info page) 
  • FABRICS: Please note, your fabrics will be cut down to allow correct placement
  • ASHES: Please note, you only need to send us 1 TBSP of ash to complete your cup. This will be sprinkled into your milk bath.

GLITTER: Please note that your glitter may be dulled due to milk bath. By placing and paying for this order, YOU ARE AGREEING YOUR GLITTER MAY BE DULLED. I AM UNABLE TO CONTROL THE WAY YOUR MILK RUNS ON YOUR CUP THROUGHOUT THE CREATION PROCESS.


  • If you want more than just a single name on your cup, please select the multiple names option, and type them in the multiple names/quote box ONLY. 
  • If you only want just a single title, there is no need to fill in the quote/multiple names box


  • If the decal image you want is a photo of a cup that I have already done, that is fine as I already have the file.